Chocolate Chipotle Pachyderm Packs

Spicy little chocolate cookies with a big, zesty kick. Definitely for the lover of heat, Chocolate Chipotle is a party in your mouth! Perfect with a dark Stout or white cheese. Of really, anyway you like! Our Chocolate Chipotle Pachyderm Packs are unabashedly bold little boxes of the most delightful elephant-shaped chocolate cookie bites. Try one and you’ll want to try them all. And, why not? Each cookie is made with only the most wonderful ingredients like European-style Plugrá butter, pure cane sugar, and of course, lots of love.

Each box contains touching short stories and uplifting quotes, making them ideal gift options.

Delightfully creative, deliciously addictive, each 6.5 oz. bag is sealed for freshness, contains approximately 20 cookies, and is shelf stable for 10 months.

Price: $7


Chocolate Chipotle Pachyderm Packs