If I Can, I Must.

We create extraordinary baked goods and provide exemplary service with one goal in mind: to uplift, enrich, and empower the lives of our guests, team, vendors, and community each day. This, in addition to our philanthropic commitment, is our passion.


We are committed to creating a joyful space in which people feel heard, appreciated, and valued for their contribution to our lives. We affirm that business can be used as a force for good and create positive change in the world, a world where everyone prospers. Every action we take and every treat we create is dedicated to that vision. 




Make Visible What, Without You, Might Perhaps Never Have Been Seen.  

-- Robert Bresson


Yes. You. Can. Change the World.

In every moment, the possibility exists to change the world. Magic unfolds in ways we often cannot see. Read to a child, or an adult, alone in the world. Sit with a friend, for only a moment, to laugh, to cry, to share the day. Volunteer to walk a dog, go to the store, pick up trash in your community.

The truth is, you’re a miracle. Everything you’ll ever need is already inside of you, available at any time. Each day is an opportunity to open a dialogue, ask a better question, change a life, soften an edge, forgive, just a little, not for them, but to free your heart. 

I started Queen City Cookies as a vehicle to give back. With your support, Queen City Cookies continues to partner with organizations to build a more vibrant, empowered world. Just for today, discover what talents you can share and how you can make a difference. Little things matter. Be careful. Giving is habit forming. 

This spring, Queen City Cookies and WordPlay partner to create a teaching garden for WordPlay’s Writings from the Garden program. The raised garden plots located at Queen City Cookies’ bakery offers youth an opportunity to develop their creative voice and team building skills while learning how to grow their own food.

Queen City Cookies’ Cookies for a Cause program raises funds and awareness for local nonprofits through the sale of select bakery products, both online and in their dessert bar.

A portion of our bakery café sales are donated to a different nonprofit each month. Additionally, we collect a variety of requested supplies for these organizations, such as school supplies, canned goods or toiletries to further support their needs.

Please take a moment today and look for ways you can connect with others to make our world a little brighter. Your light is a gift that keeps giving.